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Stephen Dent provides horses and horse carriages for the TV and Film industry from a stable of over 80 horses and 200 horse-drawn vehicles. Because of our wide selection of horses and horse drawn carriages, we are able to provide the perfect look for any theme or time period. We strive to provide as many original carriages as possible. For more information on our farm, and to view pictures of our horses and carriages, or to speak with Stephen Dent, please visit our official international site at

Stephen Dent horses can be trained for any number of stunts and roles, and we are highly experienced in training and preparing actors for all horse related scenes encompassed in their role.

We are unable to provide a general price quote online because we design our pricing structure to fit the specific needs of each individual client. Please contact the farm for further quotes and or a customized quote for any unique projects you may require.

To ensure the quality of our services and the safety of our riders and actors, Stephen Dent carries full public liability insurance.

Stephen Dent: Past Experience

Stephen Dent has been involved with several films, both as a source for horses and carriages, as well as providing stunts.

Some of the biggest films that Stephen Dent has had a chance to work on the set have been:

Being an active stunt man is fun and comes with it’s adrenaline perks, Stephen Dent is no longer as young as he used to be. Now that stunts are no longer on the table, Dent can concentrate on his true passion – horses. Each one of our horses are trained and taken care of with the film industry in mind. Any actor or actress participating in a film with horses should never have problems getting the horses to do what is expected.

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