Horses From Stephen Dent


Our Carriages

We have over 200 carriages to choose from, and all of our carriages can be painted or altered to meet the needs of the project. All of our carriages come with highly trained and experienced horses (unless you specifically request otherwise) including single horses, pairs, teams, six-in-hand or any other variation you can think of. We also have skilled drivers, footmen and grooms. In many projects it is crucial for the desired actor to have a thorough understanding of horseback riding or skill in operating a horse-drawn carriage, which is why we have been training actors for years.

Our horses can be trained for any number of stunts and roles, and we are highly experienced in training and preparing actors for all horse related scenes encompassed in their role.

We are unable to provide a general price quote online because we design our pricing structure to fit the specific needs of each individual client. Please contact the farm for further quotes and a customized quote.

To ensure the quality of our services and the safety of our riders and actors, we carry full public liability insurance.

  • Elegant Style

  • Standard Style

  • Old West Style